Boats docked at night with navigation lights shining in the dark

Anchor lights are located on your boat to alert neighboring vessels where you are anchored on various bodies of water to provide a safer experience. Whenever you are looking to anchor your boat, anchor lights are necessary to have. This article is going to cover what anchor lights are, why...

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Bow of a boat showing the anchor line in the water after setting the anchor

Knowing how to set and retrieve a boat anchor is a boating skill that is needed to ensure safety while navigating your vessel. To prevent future common anchoring mistakes, it is important to follow these steps to make sure you feel confident before the next time you use your anchor....

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A boat on a trailer about to be launched into a lake

Beyond having fun on the water with your boat, there is always a checklist that should be followed before launching, fueling, or trailering your boat before and after your day in the sun. In this article, we will cover the necessary equipment and supplies you will need to have on...

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A plow anchor mounted to the bow of a boat docked to a pier in the Caribbean

A boat anchor is that lovely metal device that we attach to our boats typically by chain and lowered to a seabed to hold our vessels in place. Without a trusty anchor, your boat will drift and possibly collide with other vessels, rocks, or get stuck in shallow areas. Obviously,...

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Image of a stainless steel cleat mounted on the edge of a boat wrapped with a white nylon rope

On every boat out at sea or docked to a pier, you will notice numerous fixtures mounted all around the edges of the vessel. These fixtures are boat cleats, which are essential equipment needed to safely secure vessels to docks. There are many types of boat cleats including a Horn Cleat, S-Style...

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A woman helping her son put on his life jacket while out on the boat

A fun and exciting day on the lake with family and friends could turn into probable cause for a severe accident if proper boating safety protocols are not implemented. Just like riding in a car, buckling your seatbelt is comparable to putting on a life vest while on a boat....

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