Bow of a boat showing the anchor line in the water after setting the anchor

Knowing how to set and retrieve a boat anchor is a boating skill that is needed to ensure safety while navigating your vessel. To prevent future common anchoring mistakes, it is important to follow these steps to make sure you feel confident before the next time you use your anchor....

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A plow anchor mounted to the bow of a boat docked to a pier in the Caribbean

A boat anchor is that lovely metal device that we attach to our boats typically by chain and lowered to a seabed to hold our vessels in place. Without a trusty anchor, your boat will drift and possibly collide with other vessels, rocks, or get stuck in shallow areas. Obviously,...

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Front close up view of the bow of a boat with a mounted stainless steel anchor

Boat anchors come in many different types, shapes, and sizes. Knowing which anchor types are best for your boating needs ensures you get the required holding power. This article discusses the different types of anchors, showing you what to use with particular bodies of water and bottom surfaces. Shop Boat...

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Front bow nose of a boat with a mounted stainless steel anchor ready to be dropped in the water

It doesn't matter if you are boating in the ocean, along the coastline, in a waterway, river, or lake; you need to know how to set a boat anchor properly. Using boat anchors isn't complicated if you know the proper steps. Our guide looks at the appropriate way to anchor...

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