Image of a stainless steel cleat mounted on the edge of a boat wrapped with a white nylon rope

On every boat out at sea or docked to a pier, you will notice numerous fixtures mounted all around the edges of the vessel. These fixtures are boat cleats, which are essential equipment needed to safely secure vessels to docks. There are many types of boat cleats including a Horn Cleat, S-Style...

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Boat cleat mounted on a wood railing on the side of a boat

Whether you own a boat or are looking to make a new purchase, it is important to understand all of the important tools that help the boat stay its course. Obviously, when you are done using your boat, you want to tie it up, so it does not drift away....

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Cleat mounted to a wooden dock with a rope tied to it in a cleat hitch knot

If you have been on a boat while it is docking after a fun day out in the sun, or some night fishing, you may notice some mounted fixtures that look like curved hooks placed on either side of the boat. These are known as boat cleats, which are used...

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