Underwater view of scuba divers swimming up to a boat as lights shine under the boat

What is the Purpose of Underwater Boat Lights?

Whether you live on a boat or explored the waters at night, you might have noticed lights glowing from under boats at their docks. Underwater boat lights range in colors between blue, white, red, or green. Although beautiful, these underwater boat lights come equipped for multiple uses that are helpful when you want to use your boat at nighttime.


Lumens is a measurement of brightness, being the white LEDs the ones with more lumens and they will decrease up to the indigo blue LEDs which have the lowest brightness.

The power of an underwater LED light is given by its watts, the more watts the more lumens will have in the whole color spectrum.

If you want the most powerful and bright underwater light, you should chose the one that has more watts because lumens depend on which color spectrum is activated. 


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What are Underwater Boat Lights Used for?

Man fishing at night on his boat with a yellow underwater boat light shining

Underwater boat lights are an essential part of your boat at nighttime. Not only they add personality to your boat’s design but increase your safety when chartering through waters across busy waterways. When in use, underwater boat lights serve different purposes based on what you are using your boat for. LED underwater boat lights may be used for:


Nighttime Visibility

I am sure we have all been there when we are travelling at night and wish others could see you easily. Another purpose of underwater boat lights is they are used to alert other boats that you are on the water to prevent any collisions. Whether you are out for a ride or going fishing, underwater boat lights boost your safety during the darkest nights.


Look & Appeal

Underwater boat lights give boat owners the ability to show off their styles by dressing up their boats. Your boat can be the highlight of the night with flashing colors that not only make it stand out from the crowd but make your travelling more enjoyable with your friends and family.



Using underwater boat lights while fishing can improve your results. When using white and green lights, they are excellent for submersing into the water due to having short wavelengths and allow for better visibility for attracting fish to your boat.


Repelling More Bugs

When underwater boat lights are used on the boat’s exterior, they will help repel bugs that normally swarm toward lights. It is recommended to use a combination of both green and white lights, since it increases your visibility in murky water.


LED vs. HID: Why are LED Boat Lights the Best to Use Underwater?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) underwater lights are recommended compared to HID lights because of their long-lasting durability and efficiency. LED lights last for the lifetime of the boat as well as their durability that adapts to various underwater conditions and turbulence. While HID (High-Intensity Discharge) underwater boat lights can become a more affordable option, they contain a higher battery usage and may be more difficult to install. LED lights are easier to install, give off less heat while in use, and contain lower battery usage. Although LED lights are more expensive, the other benefits outweigh the potential cons. When installed, you have the option to choose either wired or wireless lights.


Recommended Brightness & Colors for Underwater Boat Lights

Based on what you want to use your underwater boat lights for, choosing the best product will be long-term benefits. Not only do they add a pop of color and sophistication, but they also make your boat stand out from the others in the dark; in fact, they will make a statement.

Brightness for your underwater boat lights is rated in lumens, which is the amount of light produced by a given source. High quality underwater lights are the brightest as well as dimmable. This is recommended because when the lights are becoming too bright, you can dim them down and brighten them when needed.

Colors for underwater boat lights are important based on the use. Popular color combinations are mainly green/red, blue/white, or blue/green.


Are Underwater Boat Lights Required for Anything?

Many different boats docked in a harbor during a night time fireworks display with underwater lights glowing in the water

While underwater boat lights are not required and are different from navigation lights, they can bring a unique aesthetic to your boat’s look during nighttime. Additionally, underwater boat lights can bring a different look and feel that makes it stand out from the rest on the water.


Are Underwater Boat Lights Safe & Legal?

Underwater boat lights are considered safe because they help with navigation and safety at nighttime. Although they are not required by law to use, they are recommended when navigating during nighttime.


Places & Options for Mounting Underwater Boat Lights?

When motionless, underwater boat lights must be mounted below the water line on the boat. For the most optimal results, mounted lights should be as low on the boat’s transom as possible, because the deeper the lights sit in the water, the better the performance it will have). When installed, you have the option to choose either wired or wireless lights.

Once the lights are installed, the next step is to mount the power supply box (this is if your lights require one for the installation). On smaller vessels, it is important to avoid mounting the power supply box in the engine compartment or locations where excessive heat is possible. The power supply box is required to be mounted no further than 10 feet away from the battery supplying power and within 30 feet from where the lights are mounted.


Multi-Color Underwater LED Boat Lights Sold by Sardine Marine

Image of the app-controlled underwater color changing LED lights sold by Sardine Marine

Sardine Marine’s underwater boat lights are made with bright and long-lasting LED bulbs with high brightness and low energy consumption. They are fully compact with a waterproof design can be used outdoor and in submersible situations. Ranging in brightness from 1,520 to 8,796 lumens, Sardine Marine’s LED boat lights have low energy consumption, making them last for many years to come. Sardine Marine’s underwater boat lights come with unique features such as:

  • They come with bright and crisp lights and vibrant colors.
  • They are constructed with corrosion-resistant and attractive 316 marine grade stainless steel materials.
  • Color-changing lights that add festive flair for your boat parties and events.
  • App-controlled lights that are easy to install and maintain.
  • A 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Depending on what you you’re your underwater boat lights for, they are Ideal for use on boats or yachts. Sardine Marine also offers a full range of LED RGB lights with lower voltage options.

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