As a child, I was always involved in boating because of my father’s love of fishing. The first boat we had was a simple, 12-foot aluminum boat with a 15 HP outboard. It was a simple boat that we put on the roof of the car for transport. Through the years, father upgraded his boat several times and finally found himself in a fully equipment 42-foot yacht. But if you were to ask my Dad which boat he liked best, you would always hear him say, “The boat I enjoy the most was that small 12-foot aluminum boat with a portable outboard.” My father’s words made me realize the best boat is the boat you can use now. With boat pricing becoming unaffordable for most people, I set out to build the “biggest small boat.” An affordable, safe, and good-looking boat that could get you on the water, now! A new boat was born, the Sardine, made by Sardine Marine”. Since that time, we have helped many people to enjoy the water on their new Sardine affordably. And now, we have leveraged our experience building the new Sardine to manufacture an affordable line of high-quality stainless-steel parts, LED Lights, and Anchors. Using only the best 316 marine-grade stainless steel Sardine Marine is building on our passion for safe, affordable, and attractive marine products to help you keep your boat looking its best.


At Sardine Marine, we only use the best Stainless Steel for marine environments; 316-grade Stainless Steel. Not all Stainless Steel is created equal. Frequently, manufacturers that advertise low-cost stainless steel parts use an inferior product, 304 Stainless Steel.

316 stainless Steel contains Molybdenum. Molybdenum provides an even higher degree of corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel. The addition of Molybdenum is advantageous for objects requiring resistance to extreme environmental conditions such as saltwater, de-icing salts, brine solutions, or other chemical forms of chemical exposure, making 316 the best solution for marine environments.

Don't be fooled. Make sure you're getting 316-grade stainless steel.



Sardine Marine LLC was founded to help boating be more accessible for everyone. Our boat needed to be an affordable, safe, and good-looking boat that would allow you to enjoy the boating lifestyle. Our boat needed to be built with quality products and utilize a deep V to ensure safety and a smooth ride. A new boat was born, the Sardine, by Sardine Marine. We like to call it the Biggest Little Boat!

“A Big Small Boat = A Great Small Boat” Our boat needs to have a reasonable sale price. But affordability extends beyond what you pay your dealer for the boat. Our boats are lightweight and easy to tow, allowing you to keep your storage and transportation costs as low as possible. It also ensures excellent fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.

Sardine Marine Dealer Program

Sardine Marine is proud to partner with qualifying dealers, distributors, and repair facilities. Dealers will receive substantial discounts and access to our fulfillment and shipping discounts. We currently ship to anywhere in the continental US.

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Dealer Terms & Conditions

Sardine Marine reserves the right to accept or decline any requests to become a member of the dealer program. Approved dealers may or may not be eligible for consumer promotions.

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